The ONE Page Wedding Planner

You have The Wedding Guide - yay and cheers to that! But, maybe an "at a glance" look at your checklist may help. Your task board or refrigerator door would be the perfect place to keep this ONE page that covers all your bases.

WHAT'S INSIDE? The same checklist you'll see within The Wedding Guide, with a condensed version of some of your necessities. Let me tell ya...

1) The average engagement is about a year. BUT no matter how long this happy little season is for you, anything can be broken up into quarters - from pie to a timeframe.

Quarter One: 9-12 months before the big day
Quarter Two: 6-9 months before the big day get this picture, yeah?

Breaking up your engagement length into quarters allows you to segment your tasks by priority ...with a nice at a glance look at what’s ahead.

2) Those quarters take up about half of the ONE page. The other portion gives you a spot to dedicate some “vision words” to your big day. Say what? Yes. Vision words...

You’ll be prompted to select just THREE words that describe your wedding goals. Mine? I think mine would be organic, intimate, and romantic. 

3) With a cozy spot for notes, deposits due, and your upcoming events (hello, engagement party). 

...because sometimes, a big ole checklist is a nice way to stay on track.