Block No. 02 | color study 2/5

Block No. 02 | color study 2/5


PAPER | handmade cotton, deckled edge
SIZE | 8.5x11” handmade cotton, deckled edge (sizes approximate due to the nature of the paper)
MEDIUM | mixed media + letterpress printing
FINISH | unframed
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original artwork signed by the artist
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Everyone’s got an immense story to tell and my hands tell my layers and chapters and story through this collection. The handmade paper I print on is the perfect pulp recipe of cotton shreds and the earth’s water, hand-dipped into a vat, dried to an organic deckled edge of beauty. Layers of paint, although often subtle, leave the perfect washes in the same way our Creator leaves His marks on our skin, our life, and throughout our stories. I believe it’s the subtle marks that make the most impact. The impression of a hand-fed letterpress print, a slightly more intention mark - seems to portray the more visible and obvious impression of life.

That’s all the feelings I have as I create each piece. ...and I hope it resonates with your story.