by Hope Johnson



The collection of work you see here is a mix of stationery, product, illustrative work, and surface pattern work.
ENJOY. …better yet, let’s collaborate.

SURFACE PATTERN DESIGN | launched fall of 2018
My goal with surface pattern design is to illustrate my way into the spaces you surround yourself in - from the blanket you wrap around yourself to the walls of your keeping room. If you’d like to chat about licensing (and I SO would too), please inquire


ILLUSTRATIVE + PRODUCT DESIGN | launched for my brand or in collaboration with other brands
As I began my career as a letterpress printer, I focused my work creating dreamboat stationery printed on my near century-old letterpress named Marlin (after its hometown in Marlin, Texas). Over the years, my work has expanded as I began working one-on-on with other creatives as an illustrative designer for stationery, products, and my own line of goods.