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OH BABY. There are babies everywhere. It wasn't until I became a mother that I began to become inspired to create products for babies, children, and the mamas and daddies that take care of them all.

Although many of our little ones are not set for algebra and biology yet, a new school year brings in a season of routine for me within the home. In honor of my littlest little turning one in a few days and the school season among us, I'm putting together a collection of items for you and your tiny human. May it be a greeting card, art poster, or jotter, there's something for everyone here!

Little Talks letterpress jotter / to keep track of those mispronounced words and epic toddler conversations you are bound to have. SEE IT IN THE SHOP.

I have a mound of crafts my older little has created at Parents Day Out and at home. I like to remember who did what and when. This stamp is perfect to use for one or your whole bundle of little ones. SEE IT IN THE SHOP.

In honor of my obsession with the alphabet, this print was created for any place in the home. My toddler decided to color in his letters (not so much inside the lines) to create his own version. SEE IT IN THE SHOP.

A greeting card to well ....greet the new baby on the way. SEE IT IN THE SHOP.

Pelican Print, a limited edition print by TLBC. By the way, this is a song and it's much more fun when you sing it rather than read it. ::sings:: Pel-i-can Pel-i-can, mouth holds more than his belly can. SEE IT IN THE SHOP.