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Why You Should Create a LIVE Mood Board for Your Wedding

Okay, pretty lady. I know you. I AM you. Before you were even engaged (or after you've been married for a while like me), you've had those hidden wedding boards on Pinterest. You've been planning that big day for quite some time.
SIDE NOTE: OH my word. I've recently combed through my Pinterest, spring clean-out style. You should see my craze.
Here's the thing with Pinterest ...sometimes, it can be a little more literal than you intend. When a client reaches out and we start chatting about all the paper things, I can tell right away that we're probably not a good fit if she sends me a specific wedding invitation design and says "I'd love something JUST like this."

I've perfected my "inspiration discovery" with clients and anyone who has dove into The Wedding Guide ...and now YOU.


Wedding Inspiration by The Little Blue Chair_live mood board inspiration

What is a LIVE mood board?


Imagine one of your Pinterest board comes to life and finds a happy home on a wall or surface. THIS is a live mood board. Textures and visual aspects resonate SO much better this way and is how I begin any project of mine - from stationery design to home design. 

And there's something pretty fancy about having this visual in your home or workspace - I know for me, it makes me feel like an interior designer and therefore, awesome!

Styling by  @ginnyau

Styling by @ginnyau



Go visit your Pinterest
(or magazine clippings if you have a pre-pinterest collection of inspo ...#guilty)


Select 5-7 images that really resonate with your overall wedding vision.

As you begin to plan details like your wedding party attire or your stationery, collect a fabric swatch, paper sample, ribbons, etc.


Find a place in your home or office space to whether its a wall, cork board, or movable surface (like a canvas), start to "live pin" different pieces and parts that compliment your vision. This will be such an inspiration process, unfolding as you plan.

This doesn't have to be objective details (like the exact color swatch or bridesmaids dress fabric), this can be an emotional inspiration - how you want your wedding to feel. 

Styling by  Laura Jayne

Styling by Laura Jayne

Styling by  Katy Bohls

Styling by Katy Bohls

You 'bes believe I have devoted an entire Pinterest board to live mood board inspiration. Doesn't that almost seems like a double negative? In any case, if you do NOTHING else today, go follow along for a digital version of the lovely styling you see here (plus loads more).

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I'm Hope. The inky hands and freckled face behind the studio doors of TLBC. 

I believe in paper, words, and romance.

...and something beautiful happens when you combine them all together - be it a Jane Austen novel, a handwritten note, or as you've presumably guessed it - wedding stationery.


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