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What inspires TLBC's brand?

I've been well aware my entire life that I was subjected to end up in the arts. It was a lost cause I could not have deterred from. Over the years, I have found myself attracted to certain aspects of art and design that have inadvertently built my brand. If I could pick a few words to describe my attraction to others' work as well as in my own design, I would say organic, whimsical, & lovely. Those three words create a root system to all my beliefs in design. ...not just with stationery, but in the home, in my wardrobe, etc.

my top two tactile inspirations

July, August, & September 2015 issues

July, August, & September 2015 issues

From HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper

From HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper

Anthropologie | I mean that's a no-brainier. Anthropologie built their entire brand around this one potential, made up client. I'd like to think that Anthro's girl would come to TLBC for an exclusive curated stationery design. I bet we'd get along. Nevertheless, I am nothing short of giddy when I receive a new catalog in the mail. Between the color schemes alone, I immediately begin inspiring new ideas for TLBC.

Pinterest Inpsirations | I honestly cannot thank the group of geniuses that invented Pinterest enough. Pre-pinning days, I would screenshot clips and copy & paste links as their file names, saving everything to different desktop folders. Pre-computer days, it was actual folders filled with magazine clippings. When I glance over my Pinterest boards, there's a common aesthetic found for each category. For instance, my kitchen board is filled with tons of white on white on white kitchens. There are pops of wood and industrial aspects that balance out a feminine meets masculine concept that you will also find in TLBC's items and designs.

Comparing my inspirations to a scattered selection of my own work really lets me see the similarities in style, colors, and overall aesthetic feel. It's Hope. It's TLBC.

I would hope that my work could be viewed and selected from a line up - organic, whimsical, and lovely works of art.

Even if you don't run a branded business or you are not the creative type, you still have a style. Think about when your sister goes to the store and says "oh this is so Kellye, I'll have to get this." That's YOU. That's your brand. Pick three words that describe YOU.

Hope Johnson