The Modern Magnolia | TLBC x Artisaire

So did you know I have a thing for paper? HA. Obviously. ...but I really think that even MORE than the paper. Even MORE than those beautifully deckled edges of luxiourous cotton papers, more than the letterpress printed impression, more than it all - I love the presentation. 

The vintage stamps, the not so standard return address art, the hand sealed emblem of hot pressed wax. Presentation is everything.

I mean ...I have a collection of Anthropologie's tissue paper. know, the tissue paper they put in your bag after checking out? They care. I care too.

A few months ago, I got a happy little email from Artisaire, the company I get my custom wax seals for my brides made from (the best people EVER). I was invited to join their creative community and license one of my designs with their collection of seals.

So I introduce to you, The Modern Magnolia ...y'all. I just felt like that needed a y'all. 


The Modern Magnolia from Artisaire by Hope Johnson with The Little Blue Chair | SHOP NOW AT ARTISAIRE.COM
The Modern Magnolia from Artisaire by Hope Johnson with The Little Blue Chair | SHOP NOW AT ARTISAIRE.COM
The Modern Magnolia from Artisaire by Hope Johnson with The Little Blue Chair | SHOP NOW AT ARTISAIRE.COM

THE STORY | q&a style

Can you tell us about how you got started as a #creativepreneur?
I suppose I’ve always been a flower child. I’ve had a love for paper, drawing florals, and the details that go into storytelling. I graduated from college in Fine Arts and Printmaking where I spent my days in a studio making my own hours and my own art ...and somewhere down the line, a wedding stationery design and letterpress printing studio found its way in my life - and it's been a beautiful ride.

Can you please tell us a little bit more about your signature wax seal design?
I chose to design a modern take on a magnolia flower - a southern classic to my hometown of Louisiana and our surrounding sister states. I had two childhood homes growing up - both with magnolia trees outside my bedroom window. I woke to that tree every morning.

The idea of taking such a symbolic and delicate floral and pairing it with a modern frame represents the balance between life's pairings. Revived and aged, young and old, ...and a newlywed couple joining two families as one.

Where did your inspiration for your design come from?
The magnolia flower represents purity ...newness - much like a newlywed couple embarking on a story that has never been told.

How would you recommend using your wax seal design?
Although I naturally gravitate towards wedding stationery, I believe any floral loving individual could use this wax seal if you find the symbolism resonates with a comparable moment in your life ...or simply, you enjoy its beauty.

What are your favorite ways to use wax seals?
Presentation - be it a wedding invitation or a child’s birthday present wrapped in twine - there’s never a wrong time to seal a package with a wax seal.

What are your thoughts on becoming a member of our Creative Community [of Artisaire].
It is quite an honor - truth be told - to be a part of Artisaire’s Creative Community. To be sought out and paired with the individuals I share this community with has me blushing. I am over the moon grateful for the opportunity to contribute the craft I consider myself lucky to have been given.

If one person looks at Artisaire’s new addition and says “my goodness, I love this,” then my day will be made.

...and everyone loves flowers, right? Right.

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