Plan your wedding BEFORE you're engaged

Call me crazy. ...but don’t tell me you don’t have a hidden Pinterest board with your secret
wedding crazies locked up in a grid of “one-day” dreams. Amiright? Of course I’m right! Because I know I would and on most days, I consider myself a fairly normal adult.

From greenery centerpieces to cute little chalk painted flower girl and ring bearer signs singing “here comes the bride,” courting their way down the aisle, yes ma'am you've got it pinned. Meanwhile, that chalkboard holding flower girl walks down the aisle of said Pinterest wedding and she just made a mental note to go ahead and start her secret Pinterest board.


So maybe you and your significant other have already talked about tying the knot, but you haven’t officially said “yes” yet. Maybe you follow all the stories on How He Asked, dreaming of submitting your own someday. Maybe you know you’ll want a short engagement whenever that time comes! Either way...

Get the bulk of your planning done BEFORE you’re engaged - because hey, it’s never too early.


01. Priority Vendors: Make a list of priority vendors. Priority vendors are vendors that have a
long lead time and often book up far in advance.

-wedding planners
-the venue
-bands or DJs

02. Set the Season: If an engagement is on the horizon and the subject with your future hubs is
something you guys talk about freely, perhaps plan a tentative season. If you know you want to
get married in the summer, start thinking about seasonal decisions:

-floral inspiration
-color pallets
-appropriate seasonal menu options for reception dinners

03. Word from the Wise: Talk to close family members or friends that have already been through the ropes. You'll likely get an ear full of references, maybe some unasked for guidance, and a “I wish I would/wouldn’t” have done list.

Me? I wish I would have cut my guest list in half for a smaller, more intimate feel. OH, and I wish I would have hired a videographer! 

Planning ahead and saving for the big day? Download The Budget Generator and Expense Tracker here.

Don’t poke fun, but I’m kind of a spreadsheet nerd. I get it from my dad. This budget and expense tracker is formula-driven. Type in your expected overall budget and Voilà, the numbers magically formulate (based on common industry standards) to what you can expect to spend.

...then track how well you behave! Don't worry, there are directions for you non-spreadsheet people.

OH another thing you may love. The ONE Page Wedding Planner. That's right. One page... I managed to comfortably fit a year's worth of to-do's on to a printable letter size sheet of paper. Stick it on your fridge ...your workspace wall. 

Happy planning to ya... errrr ...pre-planning!

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