Before your Save the Dates go out...

Wedding planning can be stressful. You often run in to a task that requires a handful of prerequisites. You can't book a venue until you have a wedding date. You can't pick out your florals until you know what color your bridesmaids dresses are. ...and you can't have your save the dates created until you tackle these five to-do's.




This may seem obvious. They're not called "save the approximate time of year." They're called "save the dates." So you of course want that date on there, but it's also important to have the location of your wedding. This can either be the city or the venue itself. 

tip: Be mindful about sending save the dates before booking a venue. If your ideal venue is booked on the date you've already set, you may want to make alterations & would certainly want to do so before sending out save the dates. 


Wedding website are extremely beneficial through out the entire wedding planning. Introduce yours to your guests as early as possible. This will ensure that your guests always know where to find information about the big day, hosted events, registries, etc. 

tip: BUY A DOMAIN NAME. Most wedding website platforms allow you to create custom domain names in place of the computer generated one you will receive when signing up. You can purchase a domain for about $10/year and looks infinitely more appealing than, don't you think?


Save the dates come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You may want to include a cute photo of you and your beau. So before tackling the save the dates, you'll want  to think about this question and if you're opting for a photo, reach out to your photographer and get those engagements scheduled!


For an approximate year long engagement, I personally recommend sending out save the dates around 9 months prior. For shorter engagements, 5-6 months prior to the wedding is appropriate. Ask yourself the following questions to help gauge whether you should allow more or less heads up:

1) How many of my guests will be traveling from out of town?
2) How many of my guests will be making accommodations?
3) Does my wedding fall around the holidays where schedules are often busy?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you may want to allow an extra month or so to ensure your guests have ample planning time. 


Setting the stage with your save the dates is important when creating a cohesive aesthetic mood through out your wedding planning. Photo save the dates can be fun and whimsical for a more casual wedding ceremony and reception. If your big day is on the more traditional & formal side, you may want to stick to a more formal layout & wording structure. 

Jessica Hope Couvillion and Michael Dean Johnson
are getting married on August 8th, 2016
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
formal invitation to follow

Michael & Hope are tying the knot!
in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
invitation to follow

There are 1000 in betweens. It's perfectly acceptable (and encouraged over here) to think outside the box. There's a definite right way to combine whimsy and romance. Setting the stage with your save the dates will give your guests a preview for what's to come.