STATIONERY STYLING | behind the scenes

Whether your a bride wanting some great photos of your stationery or a photographer capturing those details for your bride, these tips I use may help in creating some great dynamic photos. 

This is my little set up. Let me state that I am NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER. However, with the right light and props, you can get some pretty great photos for your wedding blog, instagram, or just for your own keepsake. I've even used my iPhone a lot of the images on my instagram feed

Gather your coordinating stationery pieces. Don't just include your wedding invitations. Grab those day-of pieces like your programs, menu cards, etc. Don't forget those save the dates too!

Lay out your pieces as you like. I like to play around with the single suite versus the whole suite and see which pieces to include. You can of course have several variations of different layouts. You can align everything out in an orderly manner or have things "scattered." Be creative! 

I like to have some on-hand props like ribbons, florals, pretty stamps, and linens. Anything I can use that coordinates with the stationery design. If I have actual accents from the suite, that's even better! 

Let your creativity flow. Add in some props here and there. Photograph & crop them in different ways to capture some close ups of all of the little details. Particularly here, I wanted to be sure to capture the handmade paper and the letterpress printing. 

This design had some coordinating "day-of" pieces: a menu, a table number set, and woodcut name place settings. So I chose to photograph these with some "table scape" props to tie in the dinner-vibe.


Think about what you may be using these photos for. Is it your blog? Is it a hero image on your wedding website? Leave some negative space. Negative space is great for just some general breathing room. It's also great for an added text layer.


I love sending my brides some pretty sneak peeks of their suite. Often though, the bride ends up assembling the final stationery suite together and ask for tips on how to get a good shot. I hope this helps pull out some creativity. Wedding stationery is such an important part of your big day. It's the preface for your guests! I love gifting framed invitations for my clients, simple reminders of their big day, but everyone should at least have a good photo of that very important piece of paper. I hope this inspires and sparks some creativity for you for all things styled!!