FIVE OFF-BEAT FACTS you may not know about me

Let's be vulnerable. Everyone's got that list of strange little habits and tid-bits that they'll probably leave out of their 'about me' section on their website or profile page. Let's hear it!!
To be honest, I thought coming up with five off-beat facts about myself would be harder. I actually had to narrow down my list to only include five.



I love cookies. I eat them far too often to even admit here. Maybe this isn't that strange, but I eat them in threes, one for me, one for my sister, and one for my brother. Unless it's just one of those giant gourmet cookies, then I just eat one of those. The three of us can metaphorically share those big ole cookies. 


When I was younger, I used to feel sorry for anything left behind. A rock that was lost in the grass out of the gravel driveway, a stray noodle that was left in the pot after pouring its family of noodles in to the strainer, a set of four chairs when I really just need one. Still to this day, I find myself having emotional attachments to objects. It's a bit weird.


I'm not claustrophobic or anything like that, but if you grab my big toe, I'll freak out on you. I also hate being tickled. I will unintentional make use of my quick reflexes and I really don't want anyone to get hurt. I'm sorry if you were just trying to be silly. I can be silly, just in other ways.


Ice, drink-ratios, & cups. It simply matters. If I'm thirsting for some water, it must be in a plastic cup, no glass cups for water. The ice must be half-and-half. If I'm thirsting for a good ole' Coca Cola Classic, it too must be in a plastic cup, or styrofoam cup, those are the best, no glass. The ice must be filled to the brim to keep the drink cold in prevention of having the tastiness watered down. Milk must be in a glass cup. 


There are a handful of words I simply cannot pronounce without getting tongue-tied. Exclamation Mark is one of them. There are also a handful of words I cannot stand to hear: moist (I mean who really likes that word), sac a lait (like the fish ...I know, I'm strange), naval, cusp, ooze, and others of this nature.


Despite these very strange, somewhat filtered list of off-beat facts, I will still crank out some beautiful stationery for you. I'll do it with the perfect ratio of ice-to-drink after I have my three cookies. 
Do you have any strange facts about yourself? I'd love to hear them so I'm not the only off-beat one here.