HI THERE 2016 | word of the year

It's been quite an adventure 2015, but as always, it's nice to wrap up a full year and begin the following year with even greater oomph. 

To be honest, 2015 was a trail and error year for me personally and with TLBC. It was filled with many ups and many mistakes, many adventures, many heart felt moments, many tears. ...each a learning experience that will lead me through 2016 with clarity and purpose. 

A dear friend recommended to me to write down my accomplishments, big and small, work related and personal, for my 2015 year. I pulled out my planner from 2015 and glanced over many of my goals. Not until seeing them written as goals, then scratched off as accomplishments, I realized how successful the year had been.

-Won an eBay bid for a (new to me) century old letterpress upgrade (read that story here)
-Designed and created my very first wedding stationery line
-Created new wholesale accounts with local business owners
-Was published Ladies of Letterpress, a nationally based publication
-Featured in local magazines, 225 & inRegister
-Designed and curated over 10 wedding stationery projects for brides, both local and non-local
-Found my aesthetic style and steady watching it grow
-Went out of the country for a family vacation (with toddlers) and survived
-I stuck to a work out routine the entire year
-I've only rearranged my home's furniture a few times
-I enrolled in a spring conference for 2016

These are some small accomplishments to most people, but looking back, they've all paved the path to where I'm headed this upcoming year and I'm pretty stoked. Like I said earlier, a trial and error year.

Many of these accomplishments, although proudly earned, have taught me that I need to consolidate all that I do in to the one thing I love most. That means saying goodbye to some things that I really enjoy doing, but whole-heartedly diving in to the one thing I resonate with the most. 

My victory smile after my three day long, year-end studio clean out! Cleansing, y'all. 

My victory smile after my three day long, year-end studio clean out! Cleansing, y'all. 

Most creatives feel the need to go after it all, because we can or at least feel like we can. We fly by the seat of our pants. I recently read the book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown. Once I began the book, I finished it over a three day period. It was the complete opposite of how I've been living and has honestly been a game changer. That's a post for another time. 

I wanted to touch though on a quote reiterated through out the book, less but better. This stuck with me. After evaluating my year, I decided what I needed to focus on and do better at that one thing, rather than having 75 irons in the fire. Less, but better.

By doing this, I was able to find my voice in my work. I am able to resonate with each decision I make and not create for the purpose of creation, but to create with the purpose of meaning and passion. With these teachings, I'm able to uncover a more artisan style to my work. 

My word of the year was hard to determine and I'm sure I'll come up with fifty more. I through around resonate, essence, fortify, prosper, cultivate, clarity. They all apply and all hold a truth to the upcoming year. 

PURSUE, but better.

That's my word, and I need it to have the but better along side it. I had this word in my head for a while, but I've been pursuing for years. Pursing EVERYTHING under the sun. This word gave me the essence I wanted for 2016, but its definition can elude to something much broader that I'm intending the word for. So, here's to pursing better and finding my essence within my world.

Here's to 2016. 

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