WHY YOU SHOULD RECHARGE ...even if you don't want to.


How "Type A" are you? If you're anything like me, you have one hundred things that you are juggling and about another two hundred things you'd like to add to the circus act. When is enough ENOUGH? Well, when you begin to drop a ball here and there, that's a sure sign you need to put your juggling act on the shelf for a rest and recharge your creative brain. My biggest fault is not knowing when to stop. 

THE little BLUE CHAIR has spent the better half of this year prepping for the remaining half of the year for some new excitement. It's been an amazing ride and things haven't even gotten started yet. It's a lot to balance TLBC and two growing children ...not to mention that wonderful husband of mine. It's easy to become stir crazy. When I'm alone in my shop where I'm always inspired, I find myself feeling rushed and scatterbrained. I can spend hours on a handful of tasks, and by the end of the day, feel like nothing got accomplished. 

Here's my best explanation on how I made the decision to recharge: So I'm half way through spin class (that I draaaagged myself to) and the instructor is ordering us to keep a fast pace as we increase our tension. Once we add a level to our tension, our pace was to stay the same. ...and the instructor totally sees when you cheat. Well, that's what life's been like, only when I add some tension, my pace has not stayed the same (in life or in spin class ...ha!).

Time to recharge. ...because I can and should be able to handle my 100 juggling balls and spin class just fine. However, I should also be able to handle a break. It's hard to just stop and step back for a moment, but the mind and body of a creative, an artist, and just the human soul needs some space and fresh air. ...and fresh air is what the family got. 


Living in Louisiana, you are bound to have outlets that lead you to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. A three hour drive from home takes us to our home away from home where we often find ourselves when it's time to recharge. We love the salty air, the kids love the salty waters, and we all love being with our closest family members. 

Whether it's a weekend get-a-way, a back roads drive, or just a quiet night in the house, I hope you are able to find a place in the midst of your busy life to recharge. We all need it. 

Back in our happy home after the weekend's end, I am full of rest and inspiration (not the rest you get from sleep because, toddlers), but it's there - covered in saltwater and fresh air. Waking up early on this Monday morning, I've already tackled a good bit of my to-do-list and it's not quite 9:00am. It's amazing what simply taking some time to yourself and your family will do for your energy once you return. You go take your break and we will tackle the day together. 

How do you recharge?

Hope Johnson

PS: Happy Anniversary to us. Six years and a Finn and Isla later, we couldn't have imagined a life as happy as the one we are blessed to live. 

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