CUSTOM WEDDING INVITATIONS | gold leaf wedding invitations for Kelly Davis

Navy and gold have me all kinds of happy. Working with Kelly Davis on her wedding suite was such an experience I am thankful for. I knew we'd be a good fit, as she is a creative like me. Kelly Davis is the amazing videographer behind TLBC's promo video. Kelly captured my life as a mother and designer in the most beautiful way I could have ever imagined. So the bar was set high for me to do the same with her wedding stationery.

Kelly had established a navy and gold color scheme with her save the dates from Minted and her wedding party attire. When you're already in the creative field, it's easy to get carried away with a ton of ideas. Then there's Pinterest. I'm so glad Pinterest was not yet invented when I got married. I cannot image the busted budgets that would have occurred. I digress...

We bounced around some ideas and ways to use gold. There's gold foil, gold leaf, and gold paints. After some exciting test prints using different golds and scrap plates, we decided gold leaf was the winner.

Kelly's formal December wedding is prefaced here with her formal, ornate monogram. This monogram is replicated through out the suite in her postage stamps and wax seal (see sources below). 

THE GOLD LEAF. The bottom weighted gold leaf arrived to me in sheets. These sheets were the most delicate little beauties, each probably about half the thickness of tissue paper. I had to keep baby powder on my hands so the moisture of simply touching it with my fingers would not tear the sheets. Each sheet was adhered to each letterpress printed invitation by hand. Each production had a different result. The texture of the paper popped through the gold leaf leaving a beautiful appearance. These are really one of a kind and no picture has done it justice.

So you can imagine my devastation when EVERY INVITATION GOT LOST IN THE MAIL. Yes, you read that correctly. This poor bride got word that no one had received their invitation after two weeks in the mail. ((insert sinking heart))


All the time Kelly and I spent funneling our inspirations in to the perfect, one-of-a-kind wedding suite. GONE. The post office could not account for a single invitation and simply could not give Kelly an answer as to what happened to the most important piece of postage she'd  ever mail.

Don't worry, there's a happy ending. After weeks of torment, plan B, plan C, and eventually plan Z, magic happened. Kelly's guests began to receive their invitations. It's a stationery miracle. The post office simply misplaced the stack of beauty for a few weeks, found them, and rushed to send them out. I will not lie to you and tell you I didn't send a few unhappy thoughts to the post office. But at the end of the day, people are human and make mistakes, and everyone received their invitation claiming it was worth the wait.

I suppose there's a dramatic story at every wedding. Awaiting for the time to walk down the aisle, I paced in the fellowship hall at our church and began to feel light headed. Everyone tells you to be sure to eat before the wedding in the case you miss out at your reception between the hustle and bustle. Well, I stuffed the only food I could find from the church kitchen down my mouth minutes before walking down the aisle. Dorittos. That was smart. Everyone said they didn't hear my obnoxious choking in the narthex, but maybe they were just being polite. That was my day-off drama. Not as bad as Kelly's, but we all have our stories.

Here's to no more drama for Kelly and a beautiful winter wedding this weekend. All my love to you and your future Mister!

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