BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS | a treehouse camp scene

Three trips around the sun and my own son is THREE. He's practically an adult. He's practically moved away to college. Okay, maybe not moved away, but he does live in the tree house during our outdoor time. So a tree house party seemed to be a good fit for this year.

I first want to send a big thank you to my dear husband, who takes my Pinterest inspired nonsense in to real life nonsense. This treehouse. I wanted something awesome for the kids, but something that can be awesome for me when they actually do move away to college. This would be the coolest gardening shed one day. know, if I ever developed a green thumb. 

So, with my sketchbook in hand and a pile of pencils and paint, I got to work. I knew I wanted  an illustrated look. When I was pregnant with Finn, I found an old Tom Sawyer book at a thrift store,  fitting with his name. I love the cover and the illustrations through out the book and that became my inspiration for his birthday stationery. 


A series of steps went in to these. I started at the sketchbook doodling a rough draft of a layout. I whipped out my paints to play with a watercolor background idea. The imagery is a digitally printed rendering of my sketches and watercolor. I then letterpress printed the text over the artwork which creative a really fun texture between the two mediums. Lined in plaid and sealed in recycled brown paper bag envelopes, this illustrative, manly man, outdoorsy type invitation matches my Finn and his adventurous ways.


Even at the young age of three, Finn (hopefully) appreciates the work that goes behind everything I stand for. He often "helps" mama in the shop and surely inspires me to stay creative.

I wonder if I'll ever run out of ideas for my own kids? NAH. I already have ten ideas for next year!

Hope JohnsonComment