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| learn about the three different accessories you may want to add-on to your stationery or personal piece
2nd | add your item(s) to your cart
3rd | Once your order is placed, we will reach out within 3-4 business days for additional details
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In the meantime, please take a moment to view The Guide to the Collection to familiarize yourself with some of your options and view frequently asked questions.


If you would like to include a venue sketch, either digitally or within your stationery design, you may do so. Venue illustration is included in ALL map card designs.

If you would like to include a venue sketch on a stationery piece and have not purchased a map card, you may add a venue illustration to your cart. If you would like to include a venue sketch on a stationery piece other than a map card and you have purchased a map card, you do not have to purchase a venue illustration add-on.
*includes personal use license and stationery application


Vintage stamps are, like their name, vintage. Most wedding postage sums to $0.71 and up. If you'd like to use vintage stamps, you would simply make up the postage amount needed. This may be made up by using a $0.21, $0.30, $0.15, and $0.06 stamp se to equal your $0.71 needed.

To add vintage stamps to your order, you need to first add a curation fee. This is a fee to collect a stamp design together based on your postage needed. The cost of your postage may vary depending on the selection chosen. Vintage postage is not priced at face value, often 3-5 times more (a $0.20 stamp may cost you $0.60). You will be invoiced separately for the balance. 

*approximately $2-3/envelope (assembly not included)


If you would like add guest addressing to your package, you may do so. Return addresses and reply envelope addressing are included already.

In order to add guest addressing, simply add the "guest addressing deposit" to your cart when you check out. We will send a pre-formatted guest list template for you to utilize and submit your guest list. Production will not begin until your guest list is submitted.

Guest Addressing is $2.15/envelope. You will be invoiced separately for the balance.



adhesive stickers or wax seal stamper